Voices That Matter

Optimizing for the Mobile Web

3:15 - 3:45pm on Tuesday, June 29 2010

These days, many sites approach the mobile web by either redirecting mobile users to a different site than they'd get on the desktop, or delivering highly customized mobile applications for specific devices – approaches that require maintaining separate codebases, and add significant developer effort. Others simply serve a desktop-optimized site and let mobile users get what they can from it, which frequently results in an unusable experience.

However, there’s a more sustainable and future-forward way: with a blend of coding and accessibility best practices and progressive enhancement based on feature detection, it's possible to deliver use the same foundation markup to all users, and optimize the experience for mobile devices based on their capabilities. In this session, Scott will demonstrate how to apply interface enhancements only in browsers that support them, and let a single codebase provide many compelling experiences.